Raquel Jovani Abril

Dr.-ing. Process engineering, team facilitator & coach        

r.Jovani.abri[@]lsmileatlife.de + 49 (0) 176 77 19 83 42


In Sant Mateu, a picturesque historic village in Spain, I was allowed to experience a beautiful childhood. Later studied engineering engineer in the Universitat Politècnica de València and made my doctoral thesis in materials science at the European Commission. Since 2008, I live in Germany. Since 2013, I am the mother of a beautiful Jordi. Currently I am involved in Permaculture – and community projects. I'll make me continue in systemic coaching, community building and management because it's so much fun to me. I am co founder of SmileAtLife since 2014. Me excited, that we humans have a great potential that lies in our heart. I got the room where we do research so that you can develop this potential.



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